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The Path Ahead: Your 2012 Economic Forecast

Join us throughout the year for a free educational seminar.

To call the economic road in 2011 a bit bumpy would be an understatement. Are we in for an equally wild ride in 2012? Some experts see nothing but gloom on the horizon, raising the specter of another recession. Others have a slightly more positive outlook, predicting a slow but steady economic recovery.

Whether you take a positive or negative view of our economic future, the one thing that is certain is change. We may not know exactly what that change will be, but we can make some educated predications. Join Mickey Cargile for a discussion of possible economic trends over the coming months. During this 30-minute session, Mickey will offer his informed take on what to expect in 2012. He’ll address questions such as:

  • Will housing prices finally recover?
  • Will unemployment rates ever shrink?
  • What will the ongoing Eurozone crisis mean for the U.S. economy?
  • How will markets respond to continuing political gridlock in Washington?
  • What moves should you make to position yourself for a successful 2012?

We encourage you to invite friends, colleagues and family members to this educational program.

Look for upcoming dates to be announced soon.

WNB Tower
508 W. Wall Street, Suite 1100
Midland, TX 79701

All events are free to attend, but advance registration is required.