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Our Philosophy

At Cargile Investment Management, we analyze all aspects of your wealth so that we can discover the core issues that affect your financial health. While some advisors treat individual financial symptoms, we care for the whole patient.

We believe in building diversified portfolios designed to help clients reach their long-term goals. Our advice is conservative, seeking to maximize growth while minimizing risk. As independent advisors, we offer objective recommendations based on our in-house research and detailed knowledge of financial markets.
Our skilled staff draws on a wealth of experience to develop financial solutions that work for you. Our goal is to help you build and manage your wealth. We’re not salesmen, and we don’t push certain products. We adhere to a strict code of ethics, helping us build lasting relationships with clients who truly value our financial advice. Your interests are our interests.

Core Values

When we work with clients, we conduct all business with the following core values in mind:

  • Independence: Our primary goal is helping you build your wealth, not selling a particular array of products or services. Our interests are aligned with yours.
  • Integrity: As professional, independent advisors, we work for you. We make recommendations that we believe will maximize financial opportunities while also minimizing risk.
  • Trust: Your trust in us is invaluable. We’re charged with providing prudent, responsible financial advice, and we take that role very seriously.
  • Loyalty: We focus on building long-term relationships with clients who understand how a committed partnership with a financial advisor can help them manage their wealth

What We Believe

We believe that everyone can benefit from conservative, unbiased financial advice. Our team of financial professionals is focused on developing diversified, risk-appropriate portfolios with clients’ long-term goals in mind.