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Who We Are

In a confusing, fast-paced financial world, you want consistent, understandable advice regarding your investments and assets. At Cargile Investment Management, we guide you through the financial decision-making process so that you are positioned to achieve your goals.

Our team, led by Mickey Cargile, is composed of skilled financial professionals who pride themselves on their integrity and loyalty to clients. Increasing each client’s wealth is our mission, and we do that by drawing on the comprehensive bank of knowledge we've accumulated after decades in the financial planning and wealth management business.

Cargile Investment Management is an independent financial advisory firm. We make all decisions with our clients’ best interest in mind. With our deep knowledge of financial markets, we assess each client’s unique situation and implement solutions that help them build and preserve their wealth. As internationally recognized financial experts, we’re often called upon to provide commentary and analysis for Fortune, Forbes, Consumer Reports, The Washington Post and other media outlets. We put that same wisdom to work when developing financial plans for our clients.

Whatever your current situation, we believe that investing, managing risk, planning for retirement and preserving wealth should be a priority. We help clients take advantage of appropriate financial opportunities and achieve their goals by offering trustworthy, ethical advice. By doing this, we create long-term relationships with clients who see us as a key partner in their financial lives.